Pharmacy First Scheme Feb 2024

🛑From the 1st February patients can now self-refer or be referred by 111, A&E, Walk in Centre or GP Practice to the Pharmacy to be treated under the pharmacy first scheme🛑

💊Pharmacists will be able to carry out consultations and issue antibiotics when appropriate💊

🩺The conditions that the pharmacy can now see are:

Sore Throat – Patients aged 5 years and over

Earache – Patients aged 1-17 years

Sinusitis – Patients aged 12 years and over

Impetigo – Patients aged 1 year and over

Shingles – Patients aged 18 years and over

Infected Insect Bites – Patients aged 1 year and over

Uncomplicated Urinary Tract Infections – Women only aged 16-64 years